Functional Collection

We might lose our flexibility as time goes by, but we can still dress up with dignity. With “Easy Access”, the designing concept, we have applied the material of water, oil and stain-proof to a variety of functional garments to fit in various occasions. They are manufactured with love and respects from our design team to seniors.

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Home dress

Warm and comfortable Home The hygienic and personal care is our priority for designing and selecting appropriate material; meanwhile, beauty, comfort and elegance are also taken into account to embody the harmony between human and garments. Our concept is not only to reflect beauty, but also relaxation and happiness.

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Vigor Wear

I am who I am. Time is just the track of life journey, even though it won’t stop, our life can be colorful, filled with energy and vigor. Our design is to assist you become more energetic and to make your life more colorful.

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More than 20 years experience in apparel trade

Corporate brand introduction

Jiaxing Flywing Co.,Ltd. is a production-oriented garment enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in apparel trade and a team of English and Japanese talents. The company is located at No. 318, Lingfang Road, Economic Development Zone, Yucheang Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, adjacent to Shanghai-Hangzhou, Yujiasu, Shenjiahu Expressway, and only 80 minutes drive from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. The company has more than 70 employees and produces more than 400,000 pieces of clothing per year.


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